Given the fact that we can no longer control our population growth and increase our rice production area, may be we should start thinking other ways on how to resolve shortage in rice supply. Maybe we should start to eat less rice and eat other root crops like corn, sweet potato and bananas. I think our habit of eating rice is just psychological in nature. We can actually set our mind to eat root crops one of our meals. Many of us depend on rice to satisfy their hunger. There are other healthy options that we can consider. Also, maybe we should consider not to patronize those businesses giving unlimited rice or eat-all-you-can option. These kind of businesses increases rice consumption and pilferage.

In our part, as research institution, we are thinking on how to limit the appetite of Filipinos with rice. We almost came-up with the idea to produce rice varieties that are when you eat it, you will only consume less because of its inferior-eating quality. Rice with good-eating quality also increases consumption.

Maybe you have something in mind that you can share on how to attain enough rice supply for Filipinos. Tell us what's in your mind.

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